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Mountain Shadows
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Willow Ranch

A leader since 1968 in the development of luxury mobilehome communities, Brandenburg, Staedler & Moore owns and operates 14 communities with 3,500 spaces in the South San Francisco Bay region. The communities are noted for their upscale design, full-range of amenities, high quality maintenance and convenient locations. They are friendly and welcoming with outstanding opportunities for recreation and socializing.

Four of the communities are open to all ages. They are:

Adobe Wells, Sunnyvale
Mountain Shadows, San Jose
Spanish Cove, San Jose
Timber Cove, Campbell

The remaining 10 are operated as “communities for older persons,” as defined in federal law. New tenants in older persons’ communities must have at least one person per household who is age 55 or older, and no one may be under the age of 18. They are:

Cape Cod Village, Sunnyvale
Fox Hollow, Sunnyvale
Millpond, Willow Glen, San Jose
Mission Bay, San Leandro
Moss Creek, Evergreen, San Jose
Mountain Springs, San Jose
New England Village, Hayward
Quail Hollow, San Jose
Willow Ranch, Sunnyvale
Woodbridge, San Jose

Brandenburg, Staedler & Moore encourages employees and residents to be actively involved in community activities. Many residents hold important positions in community, industry, charitable and civic organizations.

We invite you to visit our communities. Our residents and we are very proud of them.


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