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This 107-space community for older persons is conveniently located in San Jose’s Evergreen neighborhood, close to shopping and major freeway interchanges. Opened in 1977, this charming community was built around a 1940s style farmhouse, which now serves as the clubhouse. Large, mature trees surround the common area, adding an attractive element to the lush landscaping.

The community amenities include a meeting hall, kitchen, living room, billiard room, card room, swimming pool and spa. At the opposite end of the community from the clubhouse is an area where residents have their own vegetable gardens. 

The “Immobile Home” debuted here. This revolutionary concept in mobilehome living features homes that are offset on their lots, allowing for fenced patio areas and site-built garages. 

Moss Creek is a quiet, intimate community tucked away from the busy surrounding area.

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▪ Clubhouse ▪ Kitchen
▪ Main Hall ▪ Living Room
▪ Card Room ▪ Billiard Room
▪ Laundry Facilities ▪ Swimming Pool
▪ Spa ▪ Vegetable Garden

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Rick Vasey

2929 Aborn Square
San Jose, CA 95121

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