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In 1968, San Jose real estate developers Lee Brandenburg and Rudy Staedler built Adobe Wells in Sunnyvale, which was the first luxury mobilehome community in Northern California. This 613-space community featured amenities that were unheard of at the time. Included were lavish landscaping, two professionally decorated clubhouses, a large lake, a tennis court, a large swimming pool, spas and exercise rooms. The partners’ objective was and continues to be, “The Cadillac of the Industry.” They proceeded to build five luxury mobilehome communities over the next four years, all in the San Francisco Bay Area.

John V. Moore joined Lee and Rudy in 1973, at which time the firm name was changed to Brandenburg, Staedler and Moore. Over the ensuing years, the partnership built a total of 17 mobilehome communities, all with the signature BS&M luxury motif. Currently, the partnership owns and operates 14 mobilehome communities totaling 3,500 spaces.

By design, all of the company's mobilehome communities are within 45 minutes' drive of the company's headquarters in San Jose. For over 34 years the mobilehome communities have been overseen by managing partner Jeff Moore, John Moore's brother. It is through this method that the company maintains its emphasis on providing the finest quality living environment possible.


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